A Sercy...

In southern tradition, a sercy is a "just because” gift. Just because I was thinking about you… Just because I knew you needed a smile… Just because you have been working hard lately. They are intended to spread love and joy to both the giver and the recipient.

Today I was met with a smile by a dear friend between services at church (I am a part time church musician). He held three beautifully wrapped gifts, with a small note attached to the top… “Follow your dreams!”

The smaller gifts were used in his great grandmother’s bakery in New York… a pastry wheel, a reusable pastry bag with two tips, and a set of tartlet pans. How amazing! The last gift was “The Art & Soul of Baking”… a book that I already know will be a game changer in my baking! He gave me a big hug and told me how excited he was for me to start Bake Mama Bake…It was so encouraging, I couldn’t wait to come home and get to work!

Later, another friend gifted me with some cocoa powder and Fiori di Sicilia from King Arthur Flour… perfect for a raspberry chocolate cake I’m trying later this week, and my pound cake flavors!